Professor of engineering by day & a powerhouse author by night
Monica Cox is force to be reckoned with.

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Monica Cox is a beacon of empowerment, weaving a tapestry of authentic narratives that echo with the beats of disruption, trailblazing, and transformative change. Born in rural southeast Alabama and raised by educators, her essence was carved from an undying curiosity and a fervent dream to reshape the world.

Monica‘s dual worlds collide beautifully: as an equity accomplice championing the cause of marginalized individuals in professional arenas and as a writer crafting tales that resonate with passion and purpose. Her Stop Playing Diversity® movement, shared with 65,000 followers across social media platforms, is a clarion call, urging individuals to transition from shallow displays of allyship to genuine inclusivity at work.

Her writings—both fiction and nonfiction—offer more than just a narrative. They are a journey of empowerment, unveiling bold truths, navigating the tumultuous terrains of workplace intricacies for people of color, and summoning readers toward a realization of their own strength and potential.

If tales of audacious truths, heartbeats of love, and riveting workplace dynamics resonate with you, let Monica be your guide. Embark on a literary voyage of enlightenment, audacity, and wholeness.

Words of fiction with happy endings moved me from my grief. They allowed me to escape a tough work situation and the effects of long-term caregiving.
Monica Cox

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