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When she is denied tenure and discovers an unexpected pregnancy by her abusive husband, chemistry professor Dr. Ressa Hooks returns to her small Alabama hometown, where she isn’t just running from her past but is also fighting to rebuild her life and protect her future.

Her fresh start brings her into the orbit of her new boss and the city’s most eligible bachelor, Dr. Tuscan Sims, a strait-laced Army medic-turned-principal. Tuscan, initially intrigued by Ressa’s vibrant independence, finds her inquisitive, free-thinking nature both captivating and challenging. This often stirs conflict as it clashes with his preference for routine and structure, which have consistently produced high quality results at his school. This tension, however, also fosters a deep-seated respect and attraction as he senses a kindred spirit battling similar scars. His past, marked by heartache, soon makes him empathetic to Ressa’s plight and protective of her fragile world.

With Ressa’s job in jeopardy due to the school’s conservative stance against unwed mothers, Tuscan proposes a bold solution that aligns with his desires—a marriage of convenience. This arrangement promises to shield Ressa from societal scorn while fulfilling Tuscan’s long-held dreams of fatherhood. As these two forty-something divorcees navigate the terms of their sudden partnership and undeniable attraction, they embark on a journey of healing and discovery.
Can their marriage, forged from necessity and shared pain, bloom into a profound and lasting love? Or will the lingering shadows of their pasts shatter their fragile hope for happiness in a close-knit hometown where gossip and scrutiny lurk at every corner?

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Monica Cox

Fiction & NonFiction Author

Distinguished Professor of Engineering by day and a powerhouse author by night, Monica Cox is a beacon of empowerment, weaving a tapestry of authentic narratives that echo with the beats of disruption, trailblazing, and transformative change. Born in rural southeast Alabama and raised by educators, her essence was carved from an undying curiosity and a fervent dream to reshape the world.

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"I fell in love with this story after the first chapter. This isn't your typical Black romance story. I loved the maturity that was throughout this story. Just the right amount of drama and steaminess between Miranda and Lucas. I'm excited to read more about this couple!!"
"The main characters were good to read about. The ending was no where near what I was expecting. "
“I want more. It's the author's descriptive narrative of the characters and scenery that makes me want more. The attention to detail makes this book an interesting read. "

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