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Never Defeated

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Embark on an enlightening journey with a professor who dared to use her social media clout to unveil the turmoil in her work environment. Despite criticism from peers and higher-ups that department chairs shouldn’t be so “authentic” on social media, the platform formerly known as Twitter became her sanctuary and a place for her to connect with other disrupters and change agents. What began as solitary engagement burgeoned into her Stop Playing Diversity movement, which called for organizations to move from performative diversity to authentic equity efforts.

Never Defeated is more than a collection of essays; it’s a conduit for Dr. Cox’s raw social media reflections to evolve into tangible, actionable wisdom. Within these pages lies an unflinching guide to navigating and reframing workplace dynamics, fostering persistence beyond work hurt, and initiating healing from the scars of workplace trauma, complemented by powerful affirmations of self-reclamation and empowerment.

This book is an invaluable companion for those seeking comfort and strategies not just to survive but to flourish in the face of professional adversity. It validates the wounded, guides the solitary, and empowers the silenced. Dr. Cox’s reflections on her career journey are not merely to be read—it is a call toward restoring one’s professional joy and self-worth.

Monica Cox

Fiction & NonFiction Author

Distinguished Professor of Engineering by day and a powerhouse author by night, Monica Cox is a beacon of empowerment, weaving a tapestry of authentic narratives that echo with the beats of disruption, trailblazing, and transformative change. Born in rural southeast Alabama and raised by educators, her essence was carved from an undying curiosity and a fervent dream to reshape the world.

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"I fell in love with this story after the first chapter. This isn't your typical Black romance story. I loved the maturity that was throughout this story. Just the right amount of drama and steaminess between Miranda and Lucas. I'm excited to read more about this couple!!"
"The main characters were good to read about. The ending was no where near what I was expecting. "
“I want more. It's the author's descriptive narrative of the characters and scenery that makes me want more. The attention to detail makes this book an interesting read. "

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